Caught 1

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Caught 1

As I came home from work, and called to my wife, she answered from the den. She was surfing on the net and checking her email.
I entered the room and asked how things were going. OK she replied. I have a question for you however. I found some pictures on your computer, and am curious how they got there.

I could feel my blood pressure beginning to heighten. Pictures, what do you mean? Damn. I was caught! I had many kinky pictures on my PC and many of them were of /big/big-cocks/big-juicy-cocks/">big juicy cocks and cumshots!

With a very dry mouth, I stammered, I'm not aware of any.
As she opened a folder, the first picture popped up on the screen. Well let's see what we have here...she said.

A slender and completely naked man was sitting in a chair sporting a very large cock standing at full attention. His cock was very thick, veiny, with a large mushroom head. Do you like this picture honey? Do you think he has a /cock/nice-cock/">nice cock? It's very big.

Now I wonder how this got on your computer. Did it pop in by mistake, or did you like the look of his cock and download it?... And I also wonder what he's gonna do with that huge /erection/">erection?

Damn, she did find my cock and cum pic collection. I just hoped she didn't see them all, as some were very over the top!

Flipping to the next pic, the man's head was tilted back, his hand was at the base of his enormous cock, and a thick rope of cum was shooting from the slit in his engorged cock head a good four /feet/">feet into the air in a long and continuous thick wad.

Wow, she said, that looks like quite a blast of cum honey. Does it turn you on to see a man ejaculate like that? Do you like the pic of his cock shooting all that cum?

I could not speak. Let's see what's next, she said.

Hitting the next button, a pic of two guys doing a 69 appeared. Oh honey, look at these 2 guys, each ramming their /hard/hard-cock/big-hard-cocks/">big hard cocks into each other's mouth. Do you find it erotic that 2 guys can make each other hard like that? And to think that you downloaded this pic of 2 guys sucking each other! Were you fantasizing about being one of them honey? Would you like the feel of a warm /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in your mouth as you also get sucked off?

I just looked on, flabbergasted about her find.
And what do you think will happen if they keep sucking each other's cock like that. Do you think they will ejaculate?

I said nothing.

Answer me she demanded!

Yes, I guess they'll cum I said...

Well let's see what happens, she said, and clicked again.

The next pic showed the same guys, both cumming in the 69 position! The guy on top had his hand at the base of his partners cock, with cum running from the slit in the head down the shaft, over the balls and across his fingers. free porn movies download His mouth was open just above the spurting cock, with full hd xvideo download cum dangling from his tongue and chin.

The guy on the bottom had a mouth full of hard spurting cock, and had cum leaking from the sides of his mouth. The guys were shooting their /semen/">semen at the same time, and were lapping it up in unison!

OHH look honey, they are cumming in each other's mouths at the same time. Two grown men eating each other's cum! So perverted, she said. Do you think it would be erotic to feel a cock shoot off in your mouth, as you ejaculate into the mouth of the other guy? I wonder which guy you fantasized about being.

And to think that you would actually eat the cum from another guys cock?!? She exclaimed.

I could not speak. I could not explain..... nor deny the excitement I felt at watching beautiful /big/big-cocks/">big cocks shoot massive loads of cum....especially into the mouths of other eager MEN!

Let's see what else you have in here, she said. My face was flush, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I knew that more cum eating pictures were about to be displayed....and ones that were beyond kinky!

The next was of a guy on his knees, surrounded by a room full of very well /hung/">hung guys. Long hard erections were being stroked to full attention.

Look at all those big juicy cocks she said. Bet they will produce a lot of sperm. Wonder what this guy on his kneed is in for?
As a matter of fact, I'm now pretty sure you would love to be that guy on his knees ... waiting for all those cocks to go off just for you, wouldn't you?

Now let's see more of what you are into, she said. Hitting the next button revealed a very kinky picture. As one guy was squirting a /ass/ass-cum/massive-load-of-cum/">massive load of cum from his very large and meaty cock onto the face of the kneeling man, who by the way was stroking his huge erection with both hands, a bowl was being passed around the room for others to shoot and accumulate their heavy loads of sperm.

Look honey. He's gonna be a cum pig for all the men in the room to abuse. Look at all that cum strewn across his face. And oh my God... look how hard the kneeling mans cock is as....he is so turned on by all those cumming cocks. He really loves cum too, doesn't he? You are craving cum as much as that pervert is ...aren't you honey....

Next pic. Ohh look, now he has so much cum on his face and in his mouth...he must have had 10 or more massive facilals at this point...meanwhile countless more cocks were being stroked to produce more warm semen for his eager mouth.

And look at all the cum pooling in the bowl she said. Just off to one side, a circle of guys were stroking off their cocks into the glass bowl. Wow, that's a lot of sperm, she said. So many cocks must have gone off already, but here are still so many more to cum! Now what do you think they are going to do with that bowl of warm sperm?

The next pic was very obscene. As the cum soaked man continued to stroke his cock with one hand, which was now slick with the semen from countless other ejaculations, he held the bowl of cum to his face with his other hand. More guys continued to approach him to shoot their heavy loads on his face, into his mouth, and into the bowl. Oh my God, she said. I”ve never seen so much sperm before. And to think all this cum is for just one person....and not a slutty girl, but a fucking guy no less!

My hands were trembling as she clicked to the next picture.

Now with his head tilted back, the man began to pour the bowl full of cum into his mouth. There must have been over 30 loads of thick spunk in the bowl. With his mouth wide open, the thick and runny mixture approached the edge of the bowl rim.

Now in sequential shots, a wide river of thick spunk continued to pour into his overflowing mouth. As more cum released from the bowl, streams of thick rivers of cum began to run down his cheeks. All the while the man stroked his very rigid cock!

Oh MY God! He's eating all the semen that the guys shot into the bowl. And look how turned on he is honey.......his cock is still so rigid and hard! To think that a man would actually love to eat warm fresh sperm in such massive quantities. So very perverted!
Finally as he began to swallow the massive cum mixture, his own cock shot off like a geyser.

I don't need to see any more she said. I never dreamed you were such a filthy pervert. My husband loves cocks and cum eating!
But you know, the thought of you sucking another man's cock is turning me on. To be truthful, my pussy is soaking wet right now. I think I would actually like to see you take another man's cock in your mouth. And to see you bring him to /climax/">climax and eat his warm load with your filthy mouth would be an awesome sight.

You know what, she said. We are going to go downtown to one of those filthy porn shops, find a glory hole, and I'm gonna make you suck off and eat the cum of every cock that's presented. Let's go now

To be continued.....