Life When the Kids have Gone Part 1

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Life When the Kids have Gone Part 1

Barb and Dick were now at the time of their life when their kids were out of school and they were on their own. One of their first decisions was to take a romantic cruise.

Being somewhat unfamiliar with an ocean trip they invited their friends Vickie and Bip to go with them. Vickie made all the arrangements for a 7-day Caribbean cruise with all the extras. They would have adjoining cabins and could share all the festivities.

The hassle of boarding a liner and getting unpacked for the 10 days at sea was very tiring for Barb but she recovered when she saw their gorgeous cabin on one of the upper decks. Barb suggested to Dick that they rest for a while before they met Vickie and Bip later. Stripping down to her lacy panties Barb bent over and looked out the porthole to see the other passengers going by.

Now Barb and Dick always had an active sex life, which their children could attest to having many times heard their parents through the bedroom walls. However, when Dick saw his lovely wife bent over looking out the porthole he found himself with a huge erection.

Sliding up behind Barb he laid his cock on her back where she could feel it vibrating with anticipation. Barb was also very excited although tired. As he rubbed his cock on her back she reached behind and began rubbing his balls while still watching the passengers pass by. It was exciting to her wondering if they could be seen which she was sure was impossible. Dick loved to have his balls squeezed as Barb pulled his erection only got harder. He now guided the almost purple head of his cock against the outer lips of Barb's velvety pussy. Her lips slowly spread as his manhood slowly entered her and began to fill her lover's cavity. The feel of his cock inside her made her move her hips from side to side and back and forth. Inside her vagina she could sense that he was about to find that secret little spot that made their fucking complete.

Holding onto the windowsill Barb became more and more excited at Dick powerfully glided his cock deep inside her. Dick varied the speed and direction of his cock to make it even more sensuous. He loved the way Barb's pussy was filled with a woman's natural lubricant and how that amount grew and grew as he entered her more and more.

Barb couldn't resist anymore and began moaning and jerking in the way that told Dick that she was ready to cum. "Fuck me, fuck me, faster, faster, deeper, deeper, lover!" she cried in her wantonness. Dick decided this was going t be Barb's own special orgasm so he concentrated on making her cum to the fullest.

She was now almost screaming as he plunged into her from the rear. She loved the sensation of his cock deep in that torrid pussy of hers and the feel of his balls and thighs pounding against her ass. Barb could wait no longer and as she watched the darkening sky outside the cabin she went into an almost paralytic orgasm. Wave after wave of erotic sensation flowed over her and she dove into a gigantic wave of passion.

As she finished there was a knock at the door and she heard Victoria announce through the door, "Can you guys hold it down in there. We"re having a hard time relaxing next door with all the pounding and yelling. We'll be back in 30 minutes to pick you up to go to lunch."

Barb was mortified and yet somehow exhilarated to realize that their friends next door had heard their love tryst. Her pussy was dripping and she dived into the shower while Dick stood there with his huge erection still in hand unfulfilled.

However, Dick knew that Barb was eminently unselfish and would certainly take care of his needs as soon as possible.

Dick knew that Barb had bought a new wardrobe before they left on the trip but she had never modeled it for him. When she stepped out of the bathroom she was a knock out from her head to her toes. Dick had always loved Barb's long black hair when they were first married, but for whatever reasons when life became hectic the hair went for a shorter style that never really was the turn on of the original shoulder length hair. However, whomever she went to on the ship while he was dozing had done a great job and Barb looked like a beautiful flower ready to be plucked.

Her dress and shoes while a not overly provocative, still accentuated her great body and lovely legs. Dick could hardly restrain himself considering he was still not sexually satiated.

In response to a knock on the door, Barb opened it wide and allowed their friends Vickie and Bip to enter. Dick almost gasped when he saw Vickie in her dining and dancing ensemble. Vickie was approximately 5"5" and was sporting a mocha summer tan that accentuated her deep blue eyes. The neckline on her dress was low enough to demonstrate to all the goodies that lived within. The dress she wore clung to he tightly and accentuated a body that looked great even after 4 kids. Her browned legs advertised the wonders that lived between them and her little toes peeking through her sandals begged to be kissed.

Supper that night was a blur to both couples. They drank the complimentary bottles of wine supplied by the travel agent and were rather giddy when they left the dinning room. After scanning the list of activities and entertainment possibilities they decided upon an intimate lounge where dancing was available.

Being new to the cruise life they selected a table to the rear in a dark corner. When the music started Vickie and Bip were the first ones on the dance floor. While Vickie was a petite gamin, Bip was a tall athletic type who knew his way around the dance floor and also around Vickie's gyrating body.
Barb said to Dick, "The way Bip caresses Vickie's body out there he may as well fuck her on the spot." Bip's hands were really giving Vickie quite a massage during the dance so real forced anal against her will much so that the other dancers couldn't keep their eyes from them.

To calm Barb down, Dick led her to the dance floor and began a slow sensual movement of his own. Bip encouraged him and Barb was more than a little excited by the dance lesson Vickie and Bip had just given them. Barb knew that Dick was more than ready for some late night loving and she began to tease him with her body as they danced.

Barb squeezed Dick's hand holding hers as she rubbed her belly against his. Her other hand slide slowly down his back and caressed his tight little ass making him squirm with delight. When they turned away from the other dancers she moved her hand from his ass to his crotch and could feel his cock engorged with blood and waiting for her sweet lovemaking.

They barely made it off the floor with Barb moving in front of Dick to conceal his huge hard on. When they arrived at the table they could see by the expression on Vickie and Bip's faces that they had truly surprised their friends with their wantonness.

Bip turned to Barb and asked her if he could have the next dance. She had danced with him before, but somehow this was different. She looked to Dick for encouragement but he was in a deep conversation with Vickie. Barb accepted Bip's hand and let him lead her to the dance floor.
Bip was an excellent dancer and particularly good when it came to slow romantic sensual pieces. Quickly Bip had Barb firmly pressed against his body. She was frightened at first but as she moved her body in rhythm with his she became more at ease. Barb didn't realize how erotic dancing with Bip could be. She had always believed that he was a wham bam kind of lover, but his dance style belied this myth.

Then something scary and yet wonderful began to happen. Barb felt Bip growing and growing against her belly. Could this huge monster of a thing be Bip's cock rubbing against her? She gasped as it began to slide up and down on her belly as Bip moved this way and that. Bip was obviously enjoying himself and threw caution to the wind. He couldn't know whether Barb would be offended or not. Yet she wasn't. It was exhilarating and animalistic to be erotically stimulated on a dance floor with all these couples around them. The heat of their bodies engulfed them in a perfume of lust.

When the dance ended Bip walked behind Barb in an effort to hide his hard on from the curious. It was apparent to Barb that Vickie was not deceived. Vickie was looking directly at Bip crotch with awesome eyes.

Barb and Dick sat the next dance out while Vickie and Bip resumed their dance floor exhibition of inhibition.

"Dick," Barb began, 'something happened out there on the dance floor with Bip. While we were dancing he got an enormous erection and rubbed against me. He's your friend isn't he? Why would he rub his cock against me like that?"

"That bastard! When he and I used to double date he was always asking my dates to dance and then would rub his cock against them like that. That's how he got to fuck most of my girl friends!"

Barb gasped, "I can't believe he could do that to a good friend like you. What's wrong with him?"

"Well, they don't call him Bip for nothing. He has a and a desire to stick it into every cunt he can find. Your must have felt its enormous size."

Barb though for a minute and realize that it was really something to fantasize about. She then said, "But I thought he and Vickie were so happily married."

"I think they are. Before they were married she was known to be almost a nymphomaniac and Bip took full advantage. There are stories about places that they fucked that would knock you out."

"Seems like you know an awful lot about Vickie's eroticism. Could that be one of the reasons you wanted to go on this trip with them?" Barb asked this petulantly.

"No, no, I just know that they are a fun couple our age who are up for a good time. Tell me your not thinking about that of Bip's that was giving you such a work out on the dance floor."

"Oh shut the fuck up, here they come."
About 2 am both couples were a little tipsy and ready for bed. They parted outside their cabin doors and prepared for bed. For Barb and Dick this meant tearing off their clothes, a deep and laying down on the bed.

"I know what you want, Dicky." Cooed Barby. "You want your little wifey to suck that big old cock of yours, don't you?"

"Oh Barby, you"re the greatest. But don't forget you promised to give Lord Jim a hair cut. You know you don't like to swallow a spare hair or two."

Barb went to Dick's shaving kit and removed his electric razor and a throwaway straight razor. With the electric razor she quickly shaved off all the long public hairs and then lathered his and shaved them very carefully. When she was finished she washed off her piece of work, which was standing at attention. She admired his big cock. Many times she enjoyed blowing him just before he went to work in the morning.

This time, however, she grasped his throbbing cock and began gently to slide her hand up and down his shaft and with her other hand she grasped his tight balls.

After being massaged in this way for a few minutes Dick gasped, "For God's sake suck it, Baby. I need some relief.
That's it slowly swallow the head and suck it. Bite it! Hard! Real Hard! Swallow the whole thing you bitch. Take it all!"

Deep throating was not one of those things that Barb could easily do. She was an easy gagger and she really only got it all the way down when Dick was not fully erect. But it was different tonight. She couldn't forget that huge cock of Bip's rubbing against her on the dance floor. And with each thought about that cock she got more and more of Dick's cock down her lovely throat. Finally, with xnxxv sunny leone video a groan Dick came and came and came and for the first time she didn't mind the taste of his cum.

Barb laid back partially satisfied by the fact that she had satisfied her husband more than she had ever done before orally. But Dick was not a selfish man and realized that Barb was not fully satisfied.

Suddenly, Barb felt some soft, warm and caressing on the lips of her vagina. Dick had begun to give her head and was trying to do it the way that really satisfied her. Slowly he moved his tongue to her clit. Barb was lucky in that her clit was easily accessible and in no time to enhance the experience Dick was slowly sucking her clit. By now Barb was moaning and slowly rotating her hips. At this signal Dick moved his tongue lower and began to insert it as far as it would go into her vagina. By now she was bucking frantically and almost screaming. Dick inserted a finger into her pussy and began to tickle her little rose bud . Barb frantically reached down and pushed Dick's face further into her steaming pussy and with the other hand began to violently rub her pussy and clit. Then all hell broke loose and Barb had one orgasm after another until she virtually passed out.

At 8 am there was a knocking at their compartment door. Vickie and Bip were up and ready for breakfast. After a quick shower and a walk to the breakfast nook, the couples discussed what to do next.

"Let's take an early dip before the crowd arrives at the pool," suggested Bip.

Everyone agreed and went to change. Dick was a little surprised at the revealing suit that Barb had brought. Barb was a little shy about wearing it but Dick assured her she looked great. It was clear to Dick that Barb was tanning in the nude due to the lack of tan marks.

When they arrived at the pool Vickie and Bip very already at the outdoor pool bar. Vickie was a knockout in her miniscule thong that barely held her generous pussy in check.

They moved over to the deck chairs and rested beside the pool. Soon Bip was in the pool cavorting with the young teenage girls while Dick tried to keep up.

Barb couldn't help but notice the generous portion of cock hiding behind the bulge in Bip's pants. When he sat down across from her saw that he was showing her and everyone else the head of his dick. Barb was somewhat embarrassed sitting beside his wife who could obviously see the same big cock winking at them.

"That bastard!" Vickie said to Barb. He shows that cock of his to anyone who will look. If it didn't feel so good every night I think I"d divorce him. Of course he is displaying it for you and all the teenage girls. He never gets enough attention. I wish he were more a gentleman like that Dick of yours. It must be great to be able to go out and not have your husband rubbing his cock all over the girls."

"Gosh, Vickie. I don't know what to say. Bip is such a nice guy most of the time and sometimes Dick is a little too quiet."

"Oh, I get it. You"re another of those ladies who is impressed by a . Well, it is a great experience to ride it. But I'm always wondering where it was last. It's not so much I worry about his fucking other women; I know they really don't mean anything to him. It's that I don't want him bringing any babies or diseases home!"

"I didn't know that you and Bip had such an open marriage as that. It's obvious that Bip is a bit of a flirt, but you"re gorgeous, how could he do any better than you?"

"Don't you know men any better than that? The biggest part of their brain controls their cock. The first thing they think about any woman is whether or not they can fuck her. Watch how a man checks out a woman's tits, legs and ass before he ever looks in her eyes."

"I can't believe all men are like that. Dick surely isn't."

"Dick would like to fuck me right now on the diving board if he had the chance and he wouldn't mind if Bip was fucking you right beside him. As for you, I see you looking a Bip's dick all the time dreaming about what it would feel like."

"I can't deny that the size of that monster of his is mesmerizing but I could never fuck him."

"Look, Barb, I'm no saint. I like a little fuck on the side once in a while. Bip looks the other way and so do I, but don't tell me you wouldn't fuck Bip if it were safe and not threatening."
"Well, Vickie, it's a moot point and will never happen. Dick would go nuts for one thing."

"Are you kidding? If you told Dick he could fuck me if you could fuck Bip he would jump at the chance. Are you adventurous enough to try? "

"Vickie, Dick would never agree to such a thing."

"Alright, let's make a little wager, if Dick accepts the proposal, will you be willing to fuck Bip?"

Now they were down to decision time. Barb thought about the bulge in Bip's pants and got flushed. She knew she secretly wanted that huge cock. She also knew that everyone on the boat was a stranger and no one would ever be wise but them.
"What's the bet?" Asked Barb. This already told Vickie that Barb was willing to fuck Bip.

"Let's make it real simple. If, you win I'll buy you that filigree ring you"ve been eyeing in the gift shop. If I win you and I'll have a ladies day."

"What the hell is a ladies day?"

"I'll leave that to you. Either we can pick-up two lucky lads here on the boat and do something outrageous or have a quiet day in bed together or both."

"Wow, that's some mind you have there! Okay, I know I going to win anyway." So they shook hands.

"Let's get back together by 5 pm and let the games begin," said Vickie.

After lunch Barb and Dick returned to their compartment for little rest.

Dick said to Barb, "Did you see that fuck Bip at the pool. His cock was virtually hanging out of his trunks all morning. All those teen age girls couldn't keep their eye from looking at it."