Whatever He Wants

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Whatever He Wants

This is my first attempt at writing a sick story. I never read anything that really turns me on to the max, so I’m going to try to put my perverted thoughts into this story. 

First off, let me tell you about me. I’m 62, 5’5, 180 lbs. I’ve been told that I’m a fairly good looking guy. I’ve been married to the same woman for 43 yrs. She is a wonderful woman and I do love her, but she is very heavy and we don’t have sex very much anymore. We have three great kids. Up until about 15 yrs ago I used to have many affairs with women, as I am a /real/real-sex/">real sex addict. Now I have a very large collection of x-rated tapes that I jack off to at least once a day. When I was younger I used to go to book store peeps and get blow jobs, but never returned the favor, as I am straight and men don’t do anything for me. Well, except for watching woman getting fucked and sucking large cocks. Lately I have started fantasying about /big/big-cocks/">big cocks and wondering what it would be like to gag and choke on a big hard one. Of course it is only a fantasy. I am a woman’s man. I love to look at a beautiful woman’s body and love /lesbian/lesbian-sex/">lesbian sex. 

But, for the last year or so, I’ve been searching the web for /kinky/kinky-sex/">kinky sex stories that involve men being forced or seduced into servicing a /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. The more I download stories and pictures of men having sex together, the more I get turned on. I could never have sex with a man because, I don’t know what would happen if my family ever found out. I have masturbated thinking about giving myself to a man with a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock and letting him use me for his pleasure. I had even gone into some gay chat rooms and told guys that I would love to be their cock slave and suck them off. Not that I would actually do it, but it got me very exited and I would jack off while they told me what I had to do for them. Little did I know that my secrete fantasy was going to be too real.

My wife decided that she wanted to take a vacation from her job and visit her sister in California for about 3 weeks. I had no problem with this; after all she is the money maker around here. I’ve been retired for about a year. Well two days before she was to leave, the computer went on the blink and since this is my main entertainment, I had to get it fixed. I called around and found a repair shop not to far away.

The man came to look at it the last day my wife was at work. His name was Joe and he was a very big black man, about 6’5’ around 35yrs old. He was ugly as shit and had very bad body odor, but he seamed like a very nice guy. While he checked out the computer we talked and I told him about my family and about my wife going to visit her sister and he told me a little about himself and that he had not found the right woman yet (I could see why, no woman would want anything to do with this big slob). He must have weighed 300 lbs. Anyway he said that he had to take the hard drive or something (I don’t know shit about these things) back to his shop and would call me when he found something out. I gave him my home phone number and my son’s in case I was over there.

Three days later, after my wife had left, he called and said it was ready and could he bring it by Friday night because he had to work late. I was very happy to get it back so soon. I thought it would take a week or so. I asked him what he would like to drink and I would have it there for him because he had finished the job so fast. He said, any kind of bourbon would be fine, so I bought a fifth of V.O.
While I was waiting I watched T.V. and had drunk about a third of the bottle. It was almost ten when he finally arrived. He didn’t even say he was sorry for being so late. He just came in and started putting my computer back together. I asked him how he liked his drink and he said with water and ice would be fine. After I gave him his drink I went back to watching T.V. He didn’t seem as friendly this time. That was ok because I had a good buzz on and wanted to get back to my kinky sex shit as soon as he left.

After about ten minutes he said that he would have another drink, so I got him one. I was a little irritated about the way he asked for it, but I let it slide. A little later he told me to get another chair and sit beside him; he wanted to show me something. I felt like a midget sitting next to this huge man. Also I noticed that he really reeked tonight. I almost got sick from the smell. Then he hit enter on the keyboard and my world changed.

Filling the whole screen was a close up of a white guy with a large black cock shoved deep in his mouth. I almost fell out of the chair. Then I said what the fuck is that. He said that this is what I wanted to do. I jumped out of the chair and told him that I would get his money and he could get the fuck out. Then he said, oh I’ll get my money and much, much more. I came back with the two hundred dollars I owed him and handed it to him. Then I told him it was time for him to leave. He said you better look at this first. Then he brought up copies of the chat rooms I had visited showing me talking about sucking cock and being a cock slave. I just stood there, my stomach doing flip flops and my knees getting weak. I asked him how he got that. He told me that the hard drive kept track of all the sights that I went to and that he made copies of all the gay shit I had been doing. Then he told me to SIT DOWN. His voice was strong and all of a sudden I was scared and embarrassed and I plopped in the chair with my mouth handing open as he started scrolling through all the sights I had been visiting with men sucking cocks.

Joe looked at me with a big ugly smile and said, I’ll bet your wife and kids would love to see these. Especially the chat room where you said that you would suck all the cum out of his cock and swallow it. I pleaded with him not to show or tell my family about this. God, if I had known this shit would stay in the computer I would never have done it. I felt like a rat caught in a trap with no way out. I told him that we don’t have a lot of money, but I would pay him as much as I could, just please don’t let them find out. This would ruin my life and my family.

Then he turned from the computer and faced me. He leaned back and started rubbing his cock through his pants. He said, oh I don’t want money; I want a good cock slave. I tried not to look at his hand as he rolled this large piece of meat around in his pants. I was scared and sick as I looked away. He then told me that he did not have much luck with the ladies but was always horny. Sometimes he would let a faggot suck him off, but he wanted his own personal cock sucker that he could use anytime that he wanted and that I was going to be that cock sucker. I told him that I was not really into that, it was just a fantasy and that I was not gay. He just said, you don’t really have a choice here unless you want your family to see how sick you are. He stood up, towering over me and said ’Now, take my cock out and look at what you are going to worship’

I looked up at him and begged him, don’t make me do this. I was looking at his cold eyes with tears in mine, pleading with him. Smiling down at me, he said: I guess I’ll just have to give a copy of these tapes to your wife and son. Still looking up at that ugly rotten toothed face, I said no, no, please don’t do that. The tears were running down across my cheeks. He stopped smiling and glaring down at me, he said, ’Then take my cock out, NOW!!!’

I knew now I had no choice, I could not let everyone know that I had been messing around with gay stuff on the net, my life would be ruined. With a shaking hand, I reached up for his zipper, and then he stopped me and said ’Don’t look me in the eyes unless I tell you to.’ He then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into his crotch. ’Take the zipper down with tour teeth, cock sucker.’

Oh god, I thought, I am totally at his mercy (as he pulled my face up to the zipper of those smelly, dirty pants) and I’m starting to get turned on thinking about how I am going to be made to suck his black cock. For the first time, I looked at the large bulge in his pants. I felt weak and my heart started pounding like crazy as I used my tongue and teeth to get a hold of that zipper. As I pulled the zipper down, my nose was right in his smelly crotch hair. But instead of feeling sick from the smell, I was starting to get intoxicated by it. My little dick was getting hard as a nail. When I finally reached bottom he told me to slowly take down his pants. My hands were shaking as I grabbed both sides of his pants and started pulling them down. I could not take my eyes away as more and more of that giant black snake appeared (no underwear). I was face to face with one of the biggest, blackest cocks I had ever seen in person. It was fat and long, at least 8’ semi hard. ’That’s it’, he said, ’I want you to keep looking at my cock and start thinking about how much you want to suck on it.

Here I was, looking at a real, live cock getting harder right in front of my face and knowing I had no choice, I made up my mind that I might as well get into living out my fantasy. The more I watched the blood flow into it the more I did think about taking it into my mouth. It was now about 11’ as he pointed it down at my lips.

’That’s it, my old cock slut, all you are going to think about from now on, is how much you want to gag and choke on my black meat. I want to know that you will love milking it dry, or else----.’ As he said this, he squeezed it to make the precum ooze out of the large piss hole. He then rubbed the cum on my lips and told me to lick it off. Like in a trance, I ran my tongue over my lips and savored the taste as my mouth started to water. Nothing else in my life mattered now, but serving that /hard/hard-cock/hard-black-cock/">hard black cock. I knew as he watched me lick my lips that I was telling him I was his to use as he wanted. And now I wanted to be used and service that pulsing rod. Still looking at it, I opened my mouth wide and leaned my head back to receive my new master’s cock.

’Not yet,’ he said. ’I want you to tell me how much you want worship and please /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock and that you will do everything you can to make it feed you what you know you want. Now tell your master what you want, and call me Sir.’

As I watched that big beautiful cock sway back and forth in front of my eyes, with drool running out of my mouth, I said, please, let me have it Sir. I promise to make you happy and receive everything you have to give me. Beg, he said. I was gone now as I said, please; please let me suck your /cock/big-cock/">big cock, Sir. I promise that I will use my mouth and throat only for your pleasure, Sir. As he pushed his cock closer to my mouth, he said, ’Who and what do you belong to, you fucking cum slut?’

Oh God, I wanted to serve and belong to him completely and told him that I belonged to him and his beautiful cock. Then I said, please make you’re cum slut totally yours.
’Oh, I will--- now SUCK IT.’

That was all I needed to hear. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took him in, using my tongue to lick the precum from the large slit on that big head. I was now moaning and shaking as I started moving my mouth slowly back and forth, feeling the warmth and hardness of my first cock. I loved it as I took more and more of it into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the hard veins, loving the velvet softness of it.

He took he’s pants off and started backing up towards my couch with my mouth impaled on his hard shaft. I knew this is where I belonged and would follow him, never taking my mouth off of his cock, even if he went outside on the patio. I did not care about anything except pleasing him. He sat on the couch and spread his large legs wide open and scooted to the edge so that I had complete access to his throbbing black man meat. Now I was on my knees bobbing my head up and down and starting to take it into my throat. I started gagging from the size of it. Saliva pouring from my mouth, as I choked more of it into my throat. I put my hands on his ass and forced him deeper, not even caring if I could breath or not. I sucked on that hard black cock for close to an hour, learning how to use my throat muscles to give him more pleasure. As I gagged and choked and sucked, I could feel it starting to throb and could taste his man cream coating the inside of my Hungry mouth. 

I reached down with my hand and started rubbing and squeezing his heavy, saliva soaked balls, trying to work that cum up for me. I was finally rewarded for the cock worshiping I had been doing, as I felt ribbons of cum start shooting into my throat. I was in heaven and could not get enough of my master’s gift to me. I was so turned on that I started Cumming without even touching myself. He kept feeding me loads of his cum, which I swallowed most of. But I kept some in my mouth to learn to savor the taste because I knew this was just the beginning of my cum drinking.

When the wwwxxx I finally looked up I saw that he had a cam cord and was recording me sucking and swallowing and loving it. Then he said the words that will change my life forever.

’From now on, my old cum sucking slut, you totally belong to me. You will do whatever I want, whenever I want. I will use you as a toilet. You will drink my piss and rim my ass with your tongue wwwxxx to clean it after I take a shit. You will make money for me by offering your mouth and your ass to anyone that will pay for it. And I have many friends that will enjoy using you and filling you with lots of /pissing/piss-cum/cum-and-piss/">cum and piss. I will start breaking your ass in later tonight, but for now, open your mouth I have to piss. Tell me who you belong to as you drink my golden offering to you, pig.’

It was hard to talk, as he filled my mouth and throat with his hot piss, but I managed to swallow, and choked out loudly-------I belong to you master, to use anyway you want, SIR.

(I was getting hard again)...