Corey and I Number One

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Corey and I Number One

A few nights ago I went to a show with some of my girl friends. We're all really close, close enough that we feel comfortable holding hands and giving each other little pecks every now and then. But that is all completely irrelevant to this story. In the beginning of the night, my girlie friends and I were sitting at home debating on what we should do that night. We decided we would go to the local hot spot to see some of our area local bands play. We all take about an hour before leaving to change our clothes and make any hair or makeup changes we need to. Personally, I chose to wear this really short school-girl plaid mini with a tight white tank top also with big clunky knee-high boots and thigh high white "school-girl" socks. I have too short of hair to do anything to it really, so I just mussed it up for a look we call the "after-sex look". I did my eye makeup dark and wore red lipstick.

After all the fuss of getting ready we hopped into one of our cars and took off. It took us no longer than 15 minutes to arrive. We turned heads as we stepped out of the car, by the time we made it to the door everyone was staring. The guys stare with lust, the ladies with disgust and jealousy. In that situation we like to piss them off a little more, the guys we see with girlfriends we like to blow them "innocent kisses" in hope that they may come talk to us later and their girls will feel even more worthless. Its fun to make them wish they were us.

We walked in the bar area of the concert hall and not 5 minutes after ordering our drinks there were guys swarming our table. We flirted the night away, that is until our favorite band starts. The name of them is not important, it's the boys. All 5 of these boys are to die for. My girls and I each have claimed one. I picked for myself the drummer, Corey. He has this look about him that could make any girl swoon and any guy jealous. But my desire is more than that. All I want to do is make him mine. It's like a mission, I want to fuck him blind and I have it set in my mind to do so tonight.

As soon as they start playing, my girls and I dessert our new male friends who have supplied us with many a drink all night, to rush in there to not miss a minute of these boys. We scope out a perfect spot by the stage to stand and stare. I must have looked extra sexy tonight because I kept catching Corey bokep sma pecah perawan stealing glances at me throughout their set. He always plays with his shirt off, I just love staring at his sexy body beaded with sweat. I rushed up to him after the show to tell them how great he was tonight and flirt. We went and sat in the bar for a little while and flirted. Finally he asked me if maybe I would like to go back to his place for a few drinks. Of course I was eager to accept.

We got in his car, I immediately placed my hand on his thigh and started rubbing, slowly back and forth. He started the car, then looked at me, I could see in his eyes that he was going /crazy/">crazy already, but knew he had to wait. He drove fast. Maybe because he always does, or maybe because he wanted to get me in his bed, I'm not sure. But I am sure that I was driving his up the wall with my rubbing, we stopped at a red light. I found this to be the perfect time for me to slide my hand further up his thigh, just close enough to run my finger along the zipper of his pants. I could feel his bulge grow slightly while he fidgeted in his seat. I leaned over and kissed his neck, just then the light turned green and he sped off. We were to his place in no time. He parked in the driveway, just as I was about to open the car door, he stopped me and kissed me deep, I could feel myself getting wet, and I wasn't wearing any panties.

After the kiss, we got out of the car. All I could think about was how I would be screaming his name just moments from now. I was so wet now, I thought I could feel my juices dripping down my thigh. He unlocked the door, right after I stepped inside, he shut it behind me, then took my hand and led me to his bedroom. I was ready to do anything for this boy. We just barely made it to his room before losing clothes.

He shut and locked the door behind us, so any unsuspecting roommates of his couldn't walk in on whatever he had planned. He looked deep into my eyes, then kissed me, pushing me up against a wall. I slid my hands down his back and slipped them into his back pockets and groped his /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass. He slid his hands down my back to my skirt, first groping outside the skirt, then lifting it up, he seemed amused that I didn't have panties on. He stopped kissing me to make sure I wasn't wearing a /thong/">thong, he lifted up the front of my skirt, then smiled. He started to kiss my neck.

I ran my old waman xxxgx hands to the front of his jeans. He continued to grope my ass under my skirt while he kissed my neck. I leaned away and slid my shirt off, then stuck my hands in his front pockets, one had a hole in it just big enough for me to slip a finger in and feel his hard shaft. He unhooked my bra then took off his pants, to my /surprise/">surprise he wasn't wearing anything underneath either. He still didn't have a shirt on. I ran my hand over his chest, then to the back of his neck.

He, then grabbed my hand and moved us to the bed. Before we layed down, he grabbed me, just under my tits on my sides and pulled me close and kissed me, then just let me fall back onto his bed. He stood above me and looked at me in disbelief. I was still wearing my boots, I asked him if I should remove them, he said no, he liked the look of me in my school-/skirt/girl-skirt/">girl skirt and boots without a shirt on. He slowly set himself on top of me, running his hands from my thighs up to my chest. He took my huge 36D breasts in his hands and played with my nipples. He continued to kiss my neck, then slowly licked a trail to my left breast and slid my nipple into his mouth. I moaned in pleasure, I always love having my tits sucked.