Jennifers New Life

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Jennifers New Life

My wife had moved out because of troubles between her and me. After a couple of weeks her landlords /son/">son had spent 6 hours filling her pussy and mouth. Now the middle of the following week she was urning for same more young /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She didnt want to run into anyone she knows so she drove about one hour out of town. Jennifer checked into a little motel with a pub attached whos parking lot was full. She had some late dinner and put on a mid thigh high summer dress and half bra to push up her 40dd up high and show some big cleavage. Jennifer walked into the pub and sat down at the bar.

It was very long until a couple of guys were hitting on her but they did nothing for her. She was thinking about leaving when a group of young guys came in went to back pool room. I in particular caught Jens eye and she gave him a big smile back to let him know she was interested. It wasnt long til he came up to her and introduced himself as John. He invited her to play a game a pool with him and his friends. She found out they were part of a construction crew during a job in the area. After a while the shooters were coming and my Wife was getting hammered and enjoying all the attention of 6 young guys.

As they were playing pool the guys were getting a eyeful of her tits hanging out of her dress. Everyone was getting pretty touchy and grabbing ass. John was the worst as he was helping her shoot pool his hard on was pressed hard up against her ass. She was getting super honey was wondering if her and John could get somewhere alone. She said to john she had to go to the little girls room and he quickly got the hint and followed her. They went into disabled washroom and locked the door. John grabbed Jen and hungrily stuffed his tongue down her throat. His hands roamed over body ripping get panties down and pulling her dress off her shoulders. Her bra dud up in the front which he undid to let her mature 40dd out. He grabbed her and lifted her on top of the sink. He pulled his pants down and released a thick 8 inch cock.

He pulled the wife to the side of the sink and pushed his large mushroom head in between her pussy lips. Jennifer at that time was telling John that she was thinking about this from the time he walked thru the door. He told as soon as she smiled at him he knew he was going to pump a load of cum inside her. As his head pushed pass her pussy lips it slithered in as he buried it to the hilt as their pubic hair touched. He pulled it all the way out grabbed her ass and started pistoned his rod into Jens pussy. As horny as my wife was she had her first orgasm of the nite with his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock rubbing clit. As Jennifer was having her orgasm she felt Johns cock swelling up knowing that he was about to drown her womb with cum. He stated that he was about to fill her pussy up he buried his cock to the hilt and let loose. My wife said it was a garden was up her pussy and turned on full.

After a minute he pulled out if my wife with a plop and asked her to clean him up. Jennifer got off counter on to her knees and stuffed his monster in her mouth tasting his and her juices. As she sucked the last of his cum out of his cock she asked for her bra and panties. John told her that those were his presents from their encounter. Jennifer said she felt a little self conscious with nipples sticking through get thin summer dress. Walking back into the pool holding my wifes hand he announced they were all going back to their motel. She said they all piled out of the pub and started getting into a crew cab. My wife said theres seven of us and only six seats.

John said he was driving so she going to have to sit in somebodys lap. Of course she said the biggest creepiest one won the fight to see whos lap she sat on. After every one had climbed in Jennifer got pulled up and into the truck backseat by Nick. It was dark so he was groping her as soon as she got in. Her dress was up around her waist from getting in and his hands were up under her dress pinching her nipples and driving her /crazy/">crazy. His other hand forced its way between her thighs and he had two /fat/">fat fingers fucking her. Then before she knew it he pulled his cock out if his pants lifted my wife in air and placed her on top of his rod. Jennifer pussy was wet from the rough /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking and Johns cum earlier. Nicks cock eased its way up her love canel.

The bumps in the road caused them to bounce up and down in seat and Nick announced to all in the truck the /milf/slut-milf/">slut milf was getting a load into her pussy. Truck broke into cheers as Nick had Jens dress was off her shoulders and around her waist. The other guys in the truck were started to play her tits and roughly pull her nipples. Nicks cock was still buried in her as the guy in next seat said it was his turn. She was roughly passed said it off and impaled on another cock. She said he was maybe 19 and not very much staying power after grabbing her hips and driving his cock into her /cum/cum-pussy/cum-filled-pussy/">cum filled pussy he erupted as the third load found its way up her pussy.

Then it was the next guy in the back seat she said his cock was bigger and he more gently and she cum on top of his cock. Then he lifted her up and his mushroom head pressed against her anus and forced its way inside. She said it hurt like hell at the beginning then after a while he started slowly moving it in and out. After a couple minutes with his hand rubbing her clit and cock invading her ass she started to like it. Once she started to join him in rhythm he got very excited and as Jennifer started to have a orgasm he grabbed her hops indian santali xvideo pulled her down tight on him and blew a huge load up her ass. By this time Jennifer noticed the truck was stopped and everyone was getting out. The last two guys that hadnt got to abuse my wife yet come to show her to their room. Jennifer said she must have been quite the site dress around her waist tits red from getting pulled and pinched and loads of cum from her /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy.

They lead her back to their room where everyone got undressed. Jennifer was on her hands and knees on the bed as she was sucking a cock on one end. While the other fellow stuffed his rod into her pussy doggy style. It wasnt long before the guy with his cock in my wifes mouth announced he was going to be filling it up. He cock swelled and exploded in mouth, she couldnt swallow fast enough and ran out of her mouth and down on her chin. Upon seeing his friend shooting his load down Jennifers throat his cock began to swell up and he pushed it to the hilt and added his seed to her womb. The guy that had cum in my wifes mouth asked if she could suck him so he could fuck her up her ass. Jennifer sucked him off for about 5 minutes until this rod was like a steel rod.At the same time he had dipped his fingers to her dripping box and was busy with two fingers reaming with /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole.

He pulled to the side of the bed and pushed his cock head pass her anus ring and started pistoned in and out. Jennifers finger was busy rubbing her clit as another orgasm streamed across her body. He pounded Jens ass for about 10 minutes til he pushed his cock to the hilt and cum up her bowels. She said after that she was exhausted and closed her eyes to sleep. Several hours she awoke and was being spooned by one of guys. His cock was rock hard in between her thighs with his cock head against the lips of her pussy. He was gently thrusting it back and forth across her lips with the pre cum making it very alain lyle porn slippery.

As Jennifer moaned he took it as the signal to pick up the pace. As my wife got exited she arched her back toward him and opened her legs a kind of here you go /guy/big-guy/">big guy. His mushroom head disappeared into her pussy as he pushed it the hilt. Jennifer said it was amazing he reached around her and grabbed her tits and placed another hand on her head and started fucking her hard only one purpose to cum deep in her box. It didnt long he grabbed her hair and buried his cock as deep as it would go emptied his balls inside her. He told her if she wanted he would give her a lift back home as everyone would be getting up in a hour to get ready for work.

He found her dress but bra and panties long gone. She sat beside him in the truck like a teenager on a date. Her me and on his thigh and his hand between her moist pussy lips. By the time they got to her motel most of hand was buried in her bush. She had forgotten about the quick recovery power of a young guy in his early twenties. He parked and put the seat back as Jennifer wrestled his rod out of his pants. She licked the knob and started working her lips up and down on his shaft. His heads were on the back off her head forcing his cock deeper down her throat as he announced he was going to cum. Jen felt it growing in her mouth as he began to spasm his young seed into her mouth.

He let go off the back of her as she continued to suck the rest of his tasty seed out of his cock. On her way out if the pick up he gave her his cell number and told her she was a great lay and he would be around for a month or so. She said good bye and told him she would call him the next couple weeks.