Rough Sex Bunnis Subversion

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Rough Sex Bunnis Subversion

Pete was a business administrator. Bunni was his incredibly fuckable secretary. Pete could not take his eyes off her pouty lips, large presumptuous breasts and ample rump, and would like nothing more than to abuse her anus and grind her stiletto heels into her tits.

Pete was walking through the park late at night, and so was Bunni. Pete hid behind a tree and when Bunni came near, he leapt on her and fastened a leather collar around his neck. He pulled it tight and dragged her yelling and screaming to a secluded area, ripping off all her clothes in the process. He unfastened it and slapped her across her breasts, then her pussy, shutting her up. He tosses it into the distance and started groping her pussy.

Bunni panicked and tried to run away.

In one quick motion, Pete reached out and gripped Bunnis tit, crushing it in his merciless grip, as she screamed and screamed. She was in blinding pain. Pete released her and she fell to the ground, whimpering, thinking perhaps that Pete had gotten what she wanted, and that her ordeal might be over. Alas, it was not to be.

Pete rolled her over and forced her on her knees, and her face into the ground, her plump ass quivering in the cool breeze. He took a moment to get over just how sexy she looked, then forcefully slapped her across one cheek, then the other, fingers digging into the flesh, drawing red marks across her rump, deafening smacking noises thundering through the night air, for a full ten minutes. Bunni was now past screaming. She was quietly sobbing into the soft grass, struggling to keep her ass pointed sexily in the air, fearing additional abuse. Pete buried his face in her ass and breathed deep, taking in her womanly scent.

Then he abruptly drew back, and bit down on her right ass cheek, holding a chunk of flesh between his teeth. Bunni howled mournfully into the ground, the crushing jaws relentlessly holding her ass in a vice grip. She struggled to free herself, only to cause additional pain. Bunnis futile struggling only furthered Petes animal lust, and he bit down yet harder, a faint taste of blood forming in his mouth. The ravaged woman was now beside herself in pain, yet from behind this excrutiating pain came intense waves of pleasure, causing her to gasp and quiver, and to pant in short breaths, like a dog. She involuntarily bucked her rump up against Petes face, offering her womanly flesh to him. Pete released her reddened ass cheek and sank his teeth into the rim of her /asshole/">asshole, causing Bunni to suck in a deep breath, again from intense pain and pleasure. She quavered in pain, her breasts swaying.

Pete then went for one of her labia, clamping onto it with his teeth and pulling on it, drawing Bunni stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv into a frenzy. He rolled her over and pulled her up onto her knees facing him, and grabbed her by her neck with his left hand, and harshly slapped her right breast with his free hand, again and again. She yowled forlornly up into the night sky, submitting completely to Petes desire to impose his will upon her. He grasped her breast and twisted it, then slapped it around some more. He then did the same with her other breast and then chewed on her nipples, until he drew traces of blood.

Tiring of her chest, he forced her once again to her position with her ass in the air, and he rammed his massive cock into her anus, drawing a sickening damped popping noise. As Bunni screamed as she as never screamed before, Pete grabbed a fistful of her silky hair and yanked her head up, her breasts still mashed against the ground, as he gleefully reamed her over and over again in her anal passage. He yanked his dick out and enjoyed her kinky open asshole, then fucked her roughly again. Five minutes later, he once again yanked his dick out and promptly shot thick wads of /semen/">semen right into her obscenely gaping asshole. When Bunni could not keep her asshole open any longer, semen leaked out and dribbled across her cunt, splattering onto the ground. Bunni collapsed to the ground and sobbed once more.

But Pete wasnt done! He slapped her across the face, then grabbed one of her lightly blood stained tits and pulled her to her knees. He took one look at her large plump ass, and began fucking her asshole once again, slapping her ass with merciless might. He was fucking her so hard, his pelvis would slam against her ass with a thunderous smack, and her body would lurch forward with every thrust. Pete tired of abusing her ass cheeks and started gently stroking her breasts gently from under her, all the while still reaming her ass with extreme force. He gave her tits one final painful squeeze, then ripped his dick out and shot a torrent of semen into her widened asshole, by now quite battered and worn, spewing overflowing globs of /cum/thick-cum/">thick cum. Tears dripped from Bunnis doe-like saddened eyes as she slowly got to her knees and turned to face her abuser. She gingerly cupped her beaten breasts and pushed them white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie up, offering them to Pete. Her breasts were bloody and beaten, but her asshole felt as though it had been carved up with a knife.

Pete gently patted her breasts and stood up as he lifted her pussy onto his semi-/hard/hard-penis/">hard penis, having her straddle his waist. He wrapped his arms around her and fucked her slowly and gently, making her coo in pleasure. Bunni soon fell asleep and he carried her to his apartment, his dick still in her. He would have his way with her again in the morning.