Getting Bi In The Boondocks

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Getting Bi In The Boondocks

I live in a really isolated, rural part of the country as I work 
for a forestry company. I love my job, but Ive come to 
dread the weekends. I am the only single guy working here 
so I start feeling very lonely as soon as Friday afternoon 

Its a good hundred miles to the nearest town so I always 
think twice about driving in. Im not that /crazy/">crazy about bars 
but what I miss most is the sex. I think I have a repetitive 
strain injury in my right wrist from jacking off so much. But 
the good news is it looks like things are about to change.

Last Friday evening I came home and grabbed a cold beer 
as usual. I was just about to sit down in front of xxx the 
television when the phone rang. It was Jack and Susie who 
lived nearby. Jack worked for the same company as I did 
and they were ringing to see if I would like to come round 
for a meal. Well, I jumped at the opportunity to have a little 
company even though I didnt know them all that well. They 
were about fifteen years older than I and always seemed so 
self contained as couple.

I went round and Jack fixed a couple of steaks on the 
barbecue. Susie made a great salad and made sure I had a 
cold beer at all times. We chatted, making small talk like 
you do, and it was all pleasant enough. But then I saw 
something that made it hard for me to concentrate. Jack was 
wearing a pair of loose porn videos download fitting shorts and he was sitting 
opposite me. When he crossed his one leg over the other I 
found I could see clear up his hairy thigh. I was looking at a 
prime pork sword, lazing over two hefty, smooth balls.

Suddenly all my thoughts turned back to sex. I had to cross 
my legs to hide my growing /erection/">erection. So I was glad when 
Susie suggested we go inside and have some cherry pie. 
After eating the delicious pie we went into the living room 
and had some cocktails. I found I was really starting to relax 
and enjoy their company. I wondered why neither of us had 
made the effort before. And then, at some point, we crossed 
a line. Susie started getting flirtatious and more and more 

She suddenly pulled down the top of her elasticised summer 
dress and flashed her tits at me. They were firm, and pale, 
with /nipples/big-nipples/big-brown-nipples/">big brown nipples. I felt a sexual heat flush over my 
face and neck. Once more my cock lurched in my pants. 

Have a feel. she purred.

I was stunned and didnt know what to say. I looked over at 
Jack. He grinned at me and told me to go ahead. Suddenly I 
saw possibilities of this turning out to be one major /party/">party. I 
gently reached out and cupped her right tit in my hand. I 
just held it for a few seconds before starting to rub my 
thumb over her nipple. She sighed softly and moved closer 
to me. I looked across at Jack and he gave me the thumbs 

My lust was starting to bubble over. I grabbed hold of both 
her luscious tits and brought my face down to her left 

Oh yeah...she likes that. I heard Jack say as I greedily 
sucked on her erecting nipple. I soon had a mini cock in my 
mouth. I teased it with teeth and tongue until she started to 
moan. as I switched to her right nipple. She was begging me 
to fuck her now and I could feel my cock get glued to my 
underpants from all the love lube that leaked out of me.

I wanted desperately to fuck her but felt it would be going 
too far so I concentrated on worrying her nipples. But she 
had ideas of her own and pulled her dress all the way off 
and pushed my hand down her silky soft, flat belly to her 
pubic mound. I felt an electric shock go through me as my 
fingers made contact with her frizzy curls. I looked back at 
Jack as my finger sought out the warm, wet valley of her 
sex. Once more he gave me a thumbs up sign. I was actually 
trembling in anticipation as I stood up to remove my 

As soon as I was totally naked I kneeled before her as she 
sat on the settee and parted her thighs. He delicious pink 
folds were crying out for some attention and I greedily 
buried my face in her twat and ate her out. Her hands held 
my head fast as I tongue bathed her from ass to clit. I was 
vaguely aware of her mumbling and moaning and groaning. 
What spoke loudest was my cock; it was telling me to get in 

I got up and nailed her in one long stroke. That first feel, of 
her moist pussy walls closing around my super sensitive 
cock was out of this world. I was lost in the silken furnace 
between her legs as her long nails started to rake my back. I 
could smell green apples in her hair as I pressed my face 
into it. 

And then it happened. I jumped out of my skin as I felt 
something warm and wet probing around my ass. With a 
start I realized that Jack was licking my hole and he was 
incredibly good at it. The whole area from my /asshole/">asshole to the 
tip of my cock was on fire, every nerve crying out for 
release. I felt my chocolate starfish twitch and pucker as his 
hot tongue probed deeper and deeper. When he pushed a 
finger into my ass, my asslips greedily pulled it in and I 
started clenching my ring around it, trying to let him know 
how good I was going to milk his cock.

He got the message for soon I felt his spongy, warm 
cockhead pressed against my spit lubed asshole. He gave a 
gentle shove and his cockhead popped into my hole. I was 
so horny that he had no trouble sliding all the way home. I 
waited until I could feel his big pubic bush scratching my 
soft asscheeks. And then I started to rock back and forth on 
his steel /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock; fucking both him and I, and Susie at the 
same time.

Jack nibbled on my shoulders as I worked his juicy dick in 
and out of my willing ass while Susie clenched her hands 
around my upper arms. She was wailing like a stuck pig, 
while behind me Jacks breathing got heavier and heavier. I 
could just about feel the sperm churning in my balls. Each 
stroke now intensified the pleasure I felt and threatened to 
be the last.

And then I heard Jack panting like crazy. Suddenly a great 
big void opened up in my ass as he pulled his cock out of 
me. He groaned as he shot thick, molten man cream all over 
my back. As soon as the first dollop of sperm rain landed on 
me I saw stars as my balls erupted deep inside Susie. After a 
minute or two I pulled out of her and she flicked herself off 
before Jack licked my cum out of her cunt.

I ended up staying the night and we fucked all weekend 
long. I cant wait for Friday to roll around again.